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ICT Consulting and Business Systems Integration Services


Modern day enterprise recognizes that efficient utilisation of evolving technology is essential for survival with systems intricately woven into every part of a business. If a business wants to remain relevant, profitable and competitive in today’s economic landscape, being agile enough to adapt to market demands and maximise the investment of ICT is vital.

Full Circle Partners is your results-orientated ICT coordinator. We are committed to helping your organisation optimise its operations through our business systems integration services. Our services are delivered from our Perth and Singapore offices.  Contact us today.

SAP Consulting Services

We are proven specialists in ERP, particularly SAP and Oracle with capabilities to work across the full spectrum of ICT too. SAP is the global, leading ERP system. The different modules within SAP are designed to be specific to the various facets of your business, both technical and functional. We have proven experience in helping clients with their transition from on-premise, to cloud-based systems.

The streamlining of your IT resources through our business systems integration services will yield a host of benefits including:

  • Minimal Administration

When we implement systems integration, it will allow a user to access and make changes to your system from one access point as opposed to using multiple IT systems. Not only will this enhance your administrators’ understanding of your systems and processes but it will reduce the time taken to work with data. It will also reduce the likelihood of errors being made by limiting human interactions across different systems.

  • Minimal Costs

By centralising all your data and information, you will significantly reduce the costs you would otherwise have incurred from having data stored across numerous systems.

  • Effective Use of Data

The centralisation of this data also makes gaining access for those with authorisation that much easier as they only have to access. Analysis of this data will be made simpler because of having to collect and collate it from different systems it will be in one place, granting quicker access to valuable business insights which can inform decision making. Furthermore, the knock-on effect of this is responsiveness will be improved as data access will be more agile as well as enhancing the potential for data-driven innovation.

How We Help You – ICT Consulting and Systems Integration

Full Circle Partners provide a leading edge, interdisciplinary consulting team to assist navigating their most critical, strategic, transformational and investment ICT decisions. We work as partners in framing definitions to complex problems, designing tailored solutions and delivering successful outcomes for you and your business.

Contact us today for our Consulting, Advisory and Implementation services.